Rigging A Three-Way For Bait Fishing

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Rigging A Three-Way For Bait Fishing


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0:40 Dave: Let's touch base a little bit on the rigs we're using today. What we got here is our main line. I got over 300 years of 80 pound PowerPro. No stretch. Extremely strong line. Diameter probably 20 pound mono.

0:59 Dave: The reason I choose this is a lot of times we fish in very deep water or any water that's 30, 40 feet. It gets straight down. It cuts through the water very nice. It has no drag to it like a thicker 80 pound diameter mono would. If it gets caught up we can usually yank it right off out of any rocks. It's superior line, attached to this three way that we have here.

1:25 Dave: For a heavy duty three way, for this application because we're going to be running a dropper line off the third way there, and we're going to run our lead off that. And then attached to that obviously is a leader which is, I chose a Seaguar fluorocarbon 60 pound test. I'm going to run about a four foot leader and off of that we just got our Eagle Claw hook, basic treble 3/0 bronze, 4x strong which is very important because fish are big and strong.

1:59 Dave: I pinched the barbs back on two of the hooks, it makes it easier to get out of the fish. I keep one barb on and that's the one that's going to go in the bait itself to keep the bait on. So from there we're going to run a little bit of a dropper loop off the three way. All it is is just a 20 pound test that I choose to be lighter than our leader and our main line mainly because if we get hung up in rocks and we will, or a lobster pot, we're going to put the boots of these rods and we're going to break something. We're going to break off our 20 pound lead and we're going to save our mainline from breaking and we're going to save our bait, which is very critical.

2:40 Dave: All you do is just a simple loop. Run it through the eye, back through itself again and pull it tight there. Very simple. And the same thing again on the sinker.  Through the eye and run the sinker right through the dropper loop. Boom. I could probably break that with my hands if I wanted. But this is a perfect little rig for what we're going to do today. Hopefully the bass will cooperate.

3:10 Dave: One final thought on three ways is attaching our lines to them. I use a lot of different knots, approved clinch knot or fisherman's knot, maybe a palomar. I got a palomar on here now. What's real important is these tag lines. You have to keep your tag lines short. If the tag line is too long, it will get caught around the three way and clog it and create it from not to spin anymore. And that'll cause you havoc.

3:39 Dave: If I keep all my tag lines short, trimmed back nicely, rarely ever have a knot fail you know. And all my tag lines are short. Everywhere I keep them I keep them nice and short. At this point here, we're ready to hit the water and go get some fish.

3:57 Dave: So we tied off to a mooring here. We got fish underneath the boat everywhere. We got one bait on top and he's had a lot of action on it but they're not committing. So we're going to run the three way weight like we talked about earlier and put it right on the bottom here on these rocks. We're in about 15 feet of water. And we're going to send it right to the bottom. I got ten ounces of lead and we'll see who comes a  knocking. And I have a feeling, it's not going to be that long. And look it, we got a customer right now on Colby's bait. And here we go. I got one on right now. He's taking the bunker. And op, he dropped it. He picked it up and dropped it.

4:42 Dave: Here you go Colby. Hook's set. Colby! Here. I'll switch with you. We're going to  get Colby grab that fish there. It just grabbed it immediately. There's so many fish underneath the boat right now. And we're going to work on. I'll grab the top water one. He's got his hands full a little bit. And look at this bait here on the top water. Nobody's even holding the rod and we got one coming.

5:13 Dave: How's it going?

5:16 Colby: It's coming.

5:16 Dave: It's coming? Oh yeah. We got fish still underneath the boat. And you want to step over here or you think you'll get him around that motor?

5:27 Colby: Oh yeah.

5:27 Dave: Oh yeah. This is what we call the bass dance.

5:33 Colby: Dance to the bass gods. Oh here we go.

5:42 Dave: Oh, nice fish. Oh he's got the bait in his stomach here. Get over there and grab that (inaudible)(fish splashes) Be sure you walk backwards. Walk back. Oh we dropped the bait. Oh sun of a gun. (fish splashes) Wooo!

6:06 Colby: (inaudible)

6:07 Dave: You got that camera guy? (laughter) I got a mouthful. Not too bad. Oh, he ain't ready yet, looks a little green. Once you got that bunker out of his mouth and he gets more air in there.

6:26 Dave: Oh here we go. Big splash behind the bait. (fish splashes) Is he ready yet? Is he ready yet?

6:42 Colby: Eh, he's still floating.  

6:44 Unidentified: He's not. He's right here.

6:52 Dave: Oh yes. We got him.

6:56 Dave: Good job! That's a perfect example of using the three way. We weren't getting them on top. Put the lead on them, sent them down to the bottom and immediately he had a hookup. Try it again?

7:06 Colby: Let's do it.

7:07 Dave: You all tired out?

7:08 Colby: Yeah.

7:11 [Closing]

7:34 Announcer: Saltwaterfishing247.com helping you catch that fish of a lifetime.


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