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Spinning Reels – An Overview
Spinning reels are probably the easiest style of fishing reel to learn how to operate. Yet, many individuals still do not use all of the functions of the spinning reel to their advantage, often times costing them the fish of a lifetime. Take the time to learn all of the abilities of a spinning reel to maximize your fish catching potential.(Continue)

American Shad
American Shad can be found in various parts of the United States. It is a larger sized fish and is prized for its white meat. The roe of the American Shad is also considered good for some types of caviar. The American Shad is often confused with the Hickory Shad, that is a member of the same family but is found mostly in Southern regions. The scientific name for the American Shad is Alosa Sapidissima although it is usually called Connecticut River Shad, Potomac Shad or White Shad. (Continue)

Striped Bass
Striped bass, scientifically named Morone saxatilis and nicknamed the rockfish, are school moving fish. They migrate in packs for their whole lives. The first two years of their lives are spent in small packs, but they migrate in larger school groups during adulthood. Striped bass normally live in the east coast of North America, ranging from Canada all the way down to Florida. They were introduced to the Pacific coast in the late 19th century, so they can now be found from Washington down to California. They like to live inshore along reefs and other areas that create constant movement. They are anadromous and migratory, never staying in one place for too long. (Continue)


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Albright Knot - Fishing Knot
The Albright knot is a great solution for tying together two filament lines that are of a different thickness. The thinner line usually slides through the thicker one, so the Albright knot ensures that they remain attached together. It can be used for a variety of different fishing needs, but it is most commonly used to attach a fly reel backing line to a fly line. Other uses of the Albright knot include attaching filament to braided lines. It is easy to assemble, and almost anyone can make an Albright knot after a little practice. (Continue)

Fishing Leader Systems-An Introduction
What is a leader? Why should I use a leader? When should I use a leader? Well, the world of sport fishing is vast and we won’t be able to address every fishing scenario. But, let’s start will some basic salt and freshwater situations to get started. The information you gleam from this article should help you in understanding the concepts and how to apply them in other settings.(Continue)

How to Spool a Fishing Line Onto a Reel
Many inshore saltwater anglers ask us, “Should I buy a filler spool of line and put it on the reel at home, or have you guys do it in the shop from your bulk spool?” The answer for us is always to have the reel spooled in the shop, and here is why. With professional spooling on a line winding machine, with professional, competent staff at the controls, you will get exactly the right amount of line for the reel, zero line twist, and the proper tension applied. (Continue)


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