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Albright Knot - Fishing Knot
The Albright knot is a great solution for tying together two filament lines that are of a different thickness. The thinner line usually slides through the thicker one, so the Albright knot ensures that they remain attached together. It can be used for a variety of different fishing needs, but it is most commonly used to attach a fly reel backing line to a fly line. Other uses of the Albright knot include attaching filament to braided lines. It is easy to assemble, and almost anyone can make an Albright knot after a little practice. (Continue)

American Shad
American Shad can be found in various parts of the United States. It is a larger sized fish and is prized for its white meat. The roe of the American Shad is also considered good for some types of caviar. The American Shad is often confused with the Hickory Shad, that is a member of the same family but is found mostly in Southern regions. The scientific name for the American Shad is Alosa Sapidissima although it is usually called Connecticut River Shad, Potomac Shad or White Shad. (Continue)

Comfort on the Water
So, being outdoors is about roughing it; getting your hands dirty, taking one on the chin, dealing with whatever cards Mother Nature deals you….Right? Well, not necessarily in my book! Let’s face it. You can go out there for an 8 hour adventure, ill prepared, and get the job done. But how much fun are you really having if you’re cold, wet and miserable? How well can you concentrate on your fishing when that cold trickle of water is seeping in under your collar and slowly running down your back? Well, if you’re prepared for changing weather conditions then you’re dressed to succeed and dressed for comfort.(Continue)


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Choosing the Right Fishing Rod
Choosing the correct fishing rod to buy seems like it should be an easy task. It can be if you’re buying a starter rod and reel combo. But, if you have reached a level in your fishing skills where you need different rods for different fishing applications, it can become tricky. One way to get yourself totally overwhelmed is to walk into a fishing retailer and try to select one rod to out of their vast inventory. (Continue)

Spinning Reels – An Overview
Spinning reels are probably the easiest style of fishing reel to learn how to operate. Yet, many individuals still do not use all of the functions of the spinning reel to their advantage, often times costing them the fish of a lifetime. Take the time to learn all of the abilities of a spinning reel to maximize your fish catching potential.(Continue)

Fishing Line - Buyer's Guide
Fishing sure was a lot simpler when I was a kid. I had a rod, a reel, a two tray tackle box with some hooks and sinkers…and my dog. Oh yeah, my reel usually had a less than full spool of monofilament line on it. And I caught some nice fish, too. Now, I have around thirty rods and reels, all spooled with various types of fishing line. And, every one of those lines, just like the rods and reels that they’re spooled on, all serve a particular purpose.(Continue)


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