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Daiwa 2009 Saltist 2 Speed Reel Review

I'm Captain Blaine Anderson. I wanted to take a couple of minutes this morning to talk about the reels that I use in my charters and my personal fishing.

Daiwa Saltiga Boat Braid Saltwater Line Review

All of my reels here are spooled with Daiwa's Saltiga Boat Braid. This happens to be 55 pound test here. I'm a huge believer in braid. It gives us several advantages over monofilament. The single biggest advantage is that it's decreased line diameter. This 55 pound here is the same line diameter as a 12 pound monofilament.

How to Attach a Fluorocarbon Leader to Braided Line

This morning out on the river we talked about using the Houdini nine inch shads. Wind seems to have picked up a little bit so we came inside here to duck out of the wind and I just wanted to take a few minutes to talk about the type of equipment that we use.

Gill Net Basics

We're in this cove over here, off the Connecticut River here and my son Colby's putting out this rubber mat that we have, our rubber bed that's actually a (inaudible) blow up bed. It's very heavy plastic, works real well for putting out the gill net that we have. I've got a 200 foot gill net, very fine lining. It gets caught on anything.

Keeping Your Bait In The Strike Zone

We're pretty much out of our drift here. We've gone way off the edge of the reef and we're out of that structure. So we're going to pick up and make another drift. I'm noticing too that I'm starting to get a little bit of line scope, meaning that the line, as the tide picks up, the resistance against the line is starting to create an angle. We don't want that because we're working so hard to keep it that 3-6 feet off the bottom, taking our two turns.

Choosing A Hook For Live Bait

When I'm running live bait, there's two different types of hooks that we use. The treble and the circle. Talk about the treble here. It's an Eagle Claw product. It's a 3/0, 4x strong hook. But it's made out of bronze. It's not your typical stainless hook. If we do have to leave a hook in a fish, these rust out extremely quick in salt water. It's not very long.

Choosing A Live Well

When I purchased this boat, it had an old, original square live well in the back of the boat. I guess it worked okay in it's day. But nowadays we have these great new tanks that are out. The old ones are square. The bunker get in the corner of these tanks; the water doesn't move very well on them.

How To Fillet A Striped Bass

Well, we're at the end of our day here. We decided to keep one fish for the grill, a lot of people asking for it so. We gotta filet him up here. We got our Timberline Montauk series filet knifes here. These are great knifes. I like them for a couple reasons. It is a very flexible blade and it's long. A lot of knives I've been using in the past are too short.

Leaving Chunks For Big Striped Bass

It's all sand bottom so all we're doing is letting the weight drag right on the bottom. We don't have to worry about any hangups or nothing. It's just all beautiful sand. The fish, they all gather here this time of year. The bait's coming out of the river and there's a lot of, uh, influence between the salt water mixing with the outgoing fresh water here. It creates a lot of disturbance in the water. It brings the bait fish and the bass in every year and it's a great fishery.

Rigging A Three-Way For Bait Fishing

Let's touch base a little bit on the rigs we're using today. What we got here is our main line. I got over 300 years of 80 pound PowerPro. No stretch. Extremely strong line. Diameter probably 20 pound mono.