Reviving A Fish For Release

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Reviving A Fish For Release


0:30 Announcer: helping you catch that fish of a lifetime.

0:38 Blaine: Tight up the drag, a little bit here. There we go. Now, last time we were talking about the two speed here. Right now I'm in high gear and this fish is really taking some line. When I get him stopped, I can switch into low gear here and just literally crank this fish in, give him a much better chance of survival here. Look at this, tighten this down a little bit. It takes some of the fight out of it, but we can be sure that this fish is going to revive. This is a sizable fish here. We've already got one. I don't need anymore so we're just going to get this fish up. Jeff, he's coming your way.

1:18 Jeff: I got one over here too.

1:20 Blaine: Jeff's got one too. We're on to some fish here. (waves)

1:40 Jeff: Just about here, man.

1:43 Blaine: He just took another run on me. But again, I drop it into low gear...tighten a little bit here. Good sized fish. And we just keep winding him in here. Get a look at him here. We're crossed. Nope, maybe not. We're good. Alright we should be seeing him in a second here.

2:27 Blaine: Yeah, Jeff.

2:28 Jeff: (inaudible)

2:29 Blaine: Yeah, give me some slack there. Alright. Nice fish. Another big fish.

2:38 Jeff: Yeah, I got it.

2:41 Blaine: I'm just going to lift him. This is a nice fish. A little big bigger than the last one. Again, circle hook, right in the corner of the jaw, no problem at all. Another fatty.

3:12 Blaine: Forty-six inches. Beautiful fish. I'm going to put him back on the Boga grip here until we get the camera and stuff ready, just to keep him fresh.

3:26 Unidentified: It doesn't point that (inaudible).

3:28 Blaine: Oh wait, yeah. This fish is 45 pounds. (fish splashes) Whew!  Way to go.

3:54 Unidentified: Nice fish.

3:59 Blaine: That double we thought we had was Jeff wrapped around my fish.

4:02 Jeff: Nope.

4:03 Blaine: Oh you got

4:04 Jeff: Yep. It's a smaller one.

4:06 Blaine: Alright. Hang on, I'll be right there. Alright, still out of breath from my last fish here and Jeff's got one. Again, circle hook. 99.9% of these fish are either going to be in the corner of the jaw or the top. Very few gut hooks. The circle hooks are just absolutely amazing and they come right out. Little bit smaller but a nice fish any way you look at it. This fish here will go, we'll measure him, but I wanna say probably 38 inches. Wouldn't you say, Jeff?

4:38 Jeff: Yeah probably 38.

4:40 Blaine: Quality fish. Nothing wrong with that.

4:47 Blaine: Like we said, I took a measurement. This fish was 38 inches on the nose. These fish revive a heck of a lot easier than some of the big ones, so we're going to ease him into the water here and let him go. Again, I like to hold on to the tail. I don't like to rock them back and forth in the water. Dragging them backwards, it doesn't do them any good. Just kind of let him hang out here. And again, once you see the dorsal fins start to come up, and the pectral fin out to where it can kind of stabilize himself, he's just about good to go.

And when the water's as warm as it is right now, we've got about 70 degrees, the fish doesn't always have the energy it needs to get back down there in that cooler, oxygenated water. So even though he's pumping in my hand, I'm hanging on to him. When this fish is ready to go, he's going to let me know and we'll be sure he gets back down there where he needs to go. 

5:44 Blaine: Come on, wake up. Wake up. And the whole time we've been doing this, we still have the big fish we're waiting to revive down here gathering her strength. Look at the size difference between this. And this little one here is 38 inches. That's a big fish we got there. (slaps fish) There she goes.

6:11 Blaine: Alright, now we can turn our attention to the big girl. She's still kicking. This one's got a pretty good chance here. (fish splashes) There she goes. Outstanding! Let's do it again.

6:43 [Closing]

7:05 Announcer: helping you catch that fish of a lifetime.

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