Leaving Chunks For Big Striped Bass

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Leaving Chunks For Big Striped Bass


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0:43 Dave: Yeah, we're fishing, uh, on a sand shoal bottom here. It's real easy fishing.

0:48 Dave: Op, think she's got one knocking on her door now. It's all sand bottom so all we're doing is letting the weight drag right on the bottom. We don't have to worry about any hangups or nothing. It's just all beautiful sand. The fish, they all gather here this time of year. The bait's coming out of the river and there's a lot of, uh, influence between the salt water mixing with the outgoing fresh water here. It creates a lot of disturbance in the water. It brings the bait fish and the bass in every year and it's a great fishery.

1:15 Matt: Through so you can grab it. There you go.  

1:19 Emily: (laughter)

1:22 Dave: A little sideways.

1:23 Matt: There you go. Right like that.

1:24 Dave: Oh, I got a fish on my up here, you hear?

1:25 Matt: Yup. What do you think?

1:28 Dave: Oh yeah, somebody knocking at my door. Maybe a blue fish, not 100% sure. I'll leave it out there, let them chew it up. Let the chunks sit to the bottom until they start to run with it. Never know what's at the bottom. Chewing it good. And we set the hook. Oh yeah. (reel sound) Uh oh. Running towards Emily. This could be a mess.

1:58 Matt: Gonna come down?

2:03 Dave: Alright, go over him.

2:05 Matt: Doing a dance.

2:10 Dave: As the blue fish were molesting it, it sinks to the bottom and this bass here picked it up for sure. He ran right out with it. Could be a good sized fish. All the fish I've gotten over 50 pounds in the past, have a lot of tendency to run straight out and to the surface, like this one here has. I don't think he's any 50 pounder by any stretch, but. One thing is showing me there's a lot of fish down there to competition and they're getting away from all the other fish. So they're hitting it and just going, getting out of town. He's got a pretty good sized tail on him. I don't know if you saw that.

2:46 Matt: I will in a minute.

2:48-3:00 (reel sound)

3:01 Dave: (fish splashes) Oh yeah. A little drag. Nothing there Em?

3:05 Emily: I don't think so.

3:07 Dave: We're heading right for our, one of our favorite spots here. I call it Tim's spot because my friend Tim was here a few years ago, pulled a nice 52 pounder off here. So I got right up next to him, hit my GPS and he yelled over. He said, “You dog!” (laughter) I said, “well, I'll name it after you” (laughter) as I steal your waypoint. (laughter)

3:35 Dave: Pretty hard fighting fish. About a 30 pounder. (fish splashes) Oh yeah. Big head on him. Nice shoulders. Uhhh! That's a good one.

3:56 Matt: Beautiful fish.

3:58 Dave: Yep. That'll go 40 inches.

4:02 Dave: That's the perfect example of leaving those chunks down in the water and not pulling them up right away. The bigger fish, lazy guys, sit down on the bottom there took this thing like no problem. There's plenty of them down there. We're going to see if we can get a couple more. Let this guy go.

4:19 [Closing]

4:41 Announcer: Saltwaterfishing247.com helping you catch that fish of a lifetime.


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