How To Bleed Out A Fish

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How To Bleed Out A Fish



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0:40 Well, we gave it a good five minutes but this fish just was too tired to make it. So we're going to harvest it. There's no shame in that. I like keeping my fill of striper. I smoke a lot of it. I bake a lot of it. This one will eat good.

I'm going to show you what I do here to, I bleed these fish out. It helps keep the meat white, makes a lot less of a mess once you get back on shore and fillet them. All I do is, I take a sharp knife here. I'm going to slide him down into the corner, get him next to my scuppers, because it is a little messy. I lift the gill and right here in the corner, at this curve here in his gills, is where I make a slice, right down through the gills. Then I turn the fish over and I do the other side. Same thing. Right here. That's it.

1:33  This fish will take a few minutes to bleed out. I'll hose the deck down. Everything will be nice and clean. Here in Connecticut, we're allowed two fish over 28 inches. This style of fishing, we very rarely see fish under 36, 38 inches. 40 to 45 inch fish is the norm. So we're allowed two. This is one.

1:57 Keep in mind, that if you want to continue fishing, you may only want to harvest this one fish and save that second fish for later in the day. If I were to take another fish right now, technically, if I continue to fish and catch fish, I'm in possession of a third fish, which in some states is going to be illegal, Connecticut included. Keep that in mind if you plan on keeping fish.

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