Daiwa Saltiga Boat Braid Saltwater Line Review

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Daiwa Saltiga Boat Braid Saltwater Line Review



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0:39 All of my reels here are spooled with Daiwa's Saltiga Boat Braid. This happens to be 55 pound test here. I'm a huge believer in braid. It gives us several advantages over monofilament. The single biggest advantage is that it's decreased line diameter. This 55 pound here is the same line diameter as a 12 pound monofilament.

What that means to you now is that you can use smaller gear. You've got the drag. You've got the power that you need. With small line diameter here I've got more than enough line capacity. This little reel here will hold up to 450 yards of this 55 pound braid. 

1:22 Aside from its line diameter, another huge advantage to the braid is that there's no line stretch. Typically with monofilament you can have up to 10% line stretch. With braids these days there is no line stretch. What that means is that you feel a lot more of the hits that you never knew you were getting before. It improves hook up ratio. When you set up on that fish, he's there.

You think about this in regards to jigging out in 100 feet of water. You think you've got a hit and you set up on the fish. Technically you could have up to 10 feet of line stretch before you're as tight to that fish as you're going to be. With braided line and no stretch, you feel that fish, set the hook, he's there. No questions about it.

I can tell the difference as I'm bouncing along the bottom with live bait. I can tell if I'm on sand, if it's a mud bottom, mussel bed, boulders. With that no line stretch, it's incredibly sensitive. You feel everything that's going on.

2:20 One of the things that I like so much about Daiwa Saltiga Boat Braid is that it's actually color coded. This is really useful when it comes to trolling, or in my case, when we're live lining it. It lets you know exactly how much line goes out. You see the multiple colors here. Right now I've got blue on top. This color changes every ten yards as line goes out.

Now if you notice here, these are actually yard markers, meter markers in between. So this line changes color every ten meters with a one meter marker. Here's a yellow, black, yellow. Here comes another meter here. Yellow, black, yellow. And we're on to our last one coming up here. Right there, yellow, black, yellow.

Now, on the next marker, it's a solid yellow. At that point, I know that I've got ten meters of line out and then I'm into my next color. You see purple here. And again, you can take ten meters, roughly ten yards off, with increments in between so that you know exactly how much line is going out.

We get to our next color on the reel. This one happens to be red. What this does for you if you're trolling, it really takes the guesswork out. If you're using certain weights to get down to a certain depth, you know that every single time with a half ounce, at two miles an hour, if I let out 40 yards, I'm getting down a certain amount of depth. You start hooking up in that range. It takes the guesswork out. Every single time you can let the exact same amount of line out.

3:50 When it comes to live lining or three-waying, it nice, especially with the live lining to know how far out away from the boat your bait is. You don't want it to get too far. You don't want to lengthen that fight for some of the big fish and possibly kill them in the process. This really takes the guesswork out of it.

4:07 The last thing I want to mention about Daiwa Saltiga Boat Braid is the way that it's made. Most other braids out there are a four strand weave. Daiwas, all the way down to their thinnest line, are a true eight strand weave. They use a different fiber. Some of the other ones out there are Spectra fiber. Daiwa uses what's called a Dyneema. It's softer. It's more supple. The line doesn't feel like it has to be broken in. If you're using this in casting applications, there's no memory to it. It's a very, very soft, supple line.

4:43 If you put Daiwa Saltiga Boat Braid on your reel, you're going to feel more of what's going on. You're going to have greater abrasion resistance and in the long run you're going to put more fish in the boat. 

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