Controlling Your Boat While On The Drift

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Controlling Your Boat While On The Drift




0:30 Announcer: helping you catch that fish of a lifetime.

0:39 Well, so far, we're 0 for 2. We had one on the live line, one on the three way, dropped them both. The tide's starting to slack. I'm going to turn around and get back up on this pile and take advantage of what we've got left here. I guarantee we're going to get one. So let's do it.

0:53 (boat engine)(boat moving through water)

1:05 Alright, so, we've been talking about the importance of keeping our bait straight up and down in the water column, so we know where it is at all times. One of the things I like to do is when we get up and we start making another drift, we're coming up on our piece of structure I want to hit right now, is to slow the boat down, and I actually go into reverse. And the reason for that is, I want to match the speed of the tide here, so that when I drop down, I don't have that current racing past the boat and pulling my bait off the bottom. Once I'm going the same speed as my bubbles alongside of the boat here, I take it out of gear and I shut down and we're fishing in stealth mode.

1:45 Okay, so we've got the boat in position. And as we said now, the tide's really picking up. From that last drift, at 1.3, now we're drifting at over 2 miles an hour. And the wind's starting to pick up out of the north a little bit. What that's doing, instead of drifting straight across that structure, it's starting to blow us at kinda a 45 across it. This is where the trolling motor really comes in handy. I can drop it; point it into the wind and adjust my speed to counter the wind so that now we're going straight over that structure again.

2:18 Striped bass are all about structure. And we're fishing a very specific set of boulders here on the reef. We've kind of lost the tide. We've got a little bit of wind. So we're drifting at an odd angle across the structure. I like to use my trolling motor. I'll drop that and ease it down as if we're drifting straight across. Rather than at an angle, we're going directly with the tide and I can control any direction I want to go. I can control the speed and offset any wind conditions. So we're going to drop this. I'm going to turn the boat, get us in the direction we want and get back to fishing.

3:00 Nice thing about this Minn Kota is I have a remote. I don't need a foot  control anymore. So I can run this from behind, watching the electronics; I can do anything I need to do with this remote. This has also got an autopilot built into it so I can point it in the direction I want to keep the boat pointed in and forget about it, just concentrate on fishing.

3:24 He's getting pummeled (wind and waves)(reel sound)

3:57 Little fish. (wind and waves)(reel sound)(fish splashes)

4:35 Little guy. (fish splashes)(waves)(hook is removed from fish's mouth)(fish splashes)

5:17 [Closing]

5:39 Announcer: helping you catch that fish of a lifetime.

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