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Setting A Gill Net In A Current

Good morning. This morning we're going to talk about a little gill netting, something I've learned in my 25 years from the school of hard knocks unfortunately of netting and current.

Reviving A Fish For Release

Blaine: Tight up the drag, a little bit here. There we go. Now, last time we were talking about the two speed here. Right now I'm in high gear and this fish is really taking some line. When I get him stopped, I can switch into low gear here and just literally crank this fish in, give him a much better chance of survival here.

Controlling Your Boat While On The Drift

Well, so far, we're 0 for 2. We had one on the live line, one on the three way, dropped them both. The tide's starting to slack. I'm going to turn around and get back up on this pile and take advantage of what we've got left here. I guarantee we're going to get one. So let's do it.

Fishing A Circle Hook With Live Bait

Blaine: Alright, we just pulled up to one of my favorite rock piles here. We're losing the tide. So we've got right up on top of these boulders. We're kind of flat out here surrounded by big rocks and the stripers are hiding right in around the structure here. And the way we present the bait to them, right now we're in 26 to 30 feet of water. We have a rig that's called a three way.

How To Bleed Out A Fish

Well, we gave it a good five minutes but this fish just was too tired to make it. So we're going to harvest it. There's no shame in that. I like keeping my fill of striper. I smoke a lot of it. I bake a lot of it. This one will eat good.