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Carolina Kingfish Contest Contributes to RFA

2011 Tournament Organizers Encouraged To Support America's "Right to Fish"

Science is Being Used as a Tool for Catching Billfish

Oceanographers said that billfish have preferred habitats, and if you can understand them scientifically, then you catch more.

New Sportfishing Study Will Provide Economic Roadmap For Panama

Little by little more countries are realizing the many advantages and economic returns of sportfishing tourism for their countries. Below is an “opinion/letter to the editor” by two of Panama’s high ranking ministers regarding an upcoming socio-economic study on sportfishing tourism in the Central American nation. It was written by Dr. Ruben Berrocal, Panama's National Secretary of SENACYT (science, technology and innovation), and Salomon Shamah, the Minister of Tourism.

805-Pound Catch Sets New N.C. Bluefin Tuna Record

3/18/2011 - An 805-pound catch has set a new North Carolina state record for bluefin tuna.

RFA-NY Members Urged to JOIN Friday Fax Campaign

Saltwater License Repeal Effort Goes Into Weekend Overdrive

NOAA's Fisheries Service Proposes 33 Percent Increase for 2011 Spiny Dogfish Quota

NOAA's Fisheries Service today announced that it will propose increasing the spiny dogfish quota to 20 million pounds for 2011. The new quota would be a 33 percent increase over the 2010 catch limit of 15 million pounds.

Recrational Fishing Alliance Volunteers Take on Florida Fisheries Fight

New RFA-FL Leadership Ups Ante In Effort To Protect Red Snapper Fishery

Halibut Stock Decline Forces Increased Management Measures for Southeast Alaska Charter Fleet

NOAA’s Fisheries Service today announced it is implementing the regulatory recommendations of the International Pacific Halibut Commission (IPHC) due to concerns over declining halibut stocks. These regulations include limiting the maximum size of a halibut caught by charter anglers in southeastern Alaska to 37 inches, and retaining the one-fish-per-person-per-day rule that began in 2009.

NOAA’s Fisheries Service Raises Butterfish Catch to Help Prevent Premature Closure of Squid Fishery

A new emergency increase to the butterfish fishing limit will enable squid fishermen off the northeast, who often catch butterfish unintentionally while fishing for squid, to continue working, while still protecting the butterfish stock.

South Atlantic Council Votes Down Catch Shares

Anglers applaud decision to terminate catch share development in Amendment 21