Penn Slammer Spinning Reels

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Penn Slammer Spinning Reels

by Capt. Terry Rand

Here's the lowdown on the Penn Slammer Series of spinning reels.

Penn Slammer Series

Penn fishing reels have always been built with longevity in mind. The Slammer series is another one of those reels created upon that same philosophy.  Continuing with tradition, the Slammer is dressed in the same black and gold uniform that make Penn reels so recognizable.

First Impressions

For our purposes we chose the Slammer 460 for our reviewing initiative. The Slammer has a rugged, bulletproof feel to it as soon as you pick it up. The full metal frame and side plate may add weight but the overall result appears to be a very durable reel body that should last a lifetime. Like most Penn reels, the Slammer 460 has a nice, large spool that will hold over 200 yards of 12lb test monofilament. With the ever increasing use of thin, braided lines by the fishing public, Penn has also begun to rate their spools for braided line, providing a quick reference for how much braided line a spool will accommodate. With the Slammer 460, the spool will hold up to 380 yards of 20lb braid. 

When you crank the reel handle on the Slammer, you don’t get the same super smooth drive system that many reels in this price point seem to have. But, the reel still has a relatively smooth retrieve. The gearing feels incredibly well integrated which is probably a more important feature to Penn over a super, smooth retrieve feel.

The Slammer series also includes an aluminum spool which house Penn’s over-sized HT-100 drag washer system which has been a Penn mainstay for years. Shielded ball bearings keep moisture out of the bearing system and the Level Line feature that provides a perfect line lay on the spool during the retrieve. 

The 460 can apply up to 14lbs of drag pressure while the largest Slammer, the 760 will apply up to 20lbs of drag for those heavier, harder fighting saltwater species. The Slammer also includes Infinite Anti-Reverse for instant, rock solid hook sets. Overall, this appears to be a very hearty, well designed reel that should last for many years.

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