Okuma Epixor-B Series Spinning Reels

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Okuma Epixor-B Series Spinning Reels

by Capt. Terry Rand

The good old Okuma Epixor is under some changes along with a face-lift. Let's take a look....

Okuma Epixor Series

With a recent redesign in aesthetics, Okuma introduces the Epixor-B Series. Building off of a tried and true 10 ball bearing drive system, the Epixor-B brings the angler the same great value oriented price point that fishermen have come to expect from Okuma while delivering a great looking reel that has been pleasing the public for many years. Okuma has come a long way in recent years, gaining a reputation for great products at fair prices. The Epixor series has been a favorite amongst fresh and saltwater anglers alike for many years now so it will be interesting to see how the Epixor-B series stands up to the Epixor of old.

First Impression

Okuma has decided to leave behind the shiny silver and chrome of yesterdays Epixor for a fresh new look that sports a subdued grayish-silver finish with a gold colored spool. Just like many of the newer Okuma reels the Epixor also contains a number of the advanced features that have come to make Okuma reels so popular. The Blade Body Design, Oscillating Gear System and the thick, oversized bail wire are all featured in this new design. Like many of the Okuma reels, the Epixor-B offers a waterproof drag system.

The spool of the Epixor-B series is quite accommodating, allowing for 160 yards of 8lb test monofilament line on the EF30-B which is generally more than enough for inshore fishing situations. The larger sizes like the EF65-B and the EF80-B look like excellent choices for surf fishing or any other situation where you need increased line capacity and maximum drag for larger predators.

Upon rotating the reel handle I was pleasantly surprised at how smooth this reel is for the price. It has a rather fluid-like drive system that just seems to spin effortlessly while still feeling rugged and well balanced. The reel does have a rather small profile to it which contributes to its light weight. These reels are known for being accommodating of both fresh and salt water and sizes are available from ultra light to heavy weights.

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