Massive Fish Kill in Prince Edward Island's Trout River

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Massive Fish Kill in Prince Edward Island's Trout River km section of river contained over 300 pounds of dead brook trout....

Sometime around July 23, 2011 a major fish kill occurred on the Trout River near O'Leary, PEI. The Trout River is the site of one of PEI's best examples of stream and brook trout restoration.
Over the last 24 years, the Prince County Chapter of TUC (formerly the O'Leary Wildlife Association) has worked diligently with the Province, local land trusts and local landowners to bring the Trout River from a virtually dead river to one of the Island's most productive trout streams.
Dale Cameron and Lee Cowan of the Chapter indicate that they netted dead fish in only a 1km section of the estimated 10km of kill and recovered over 300lb of brook trout, many over 45cm in length. This signifies a major portion of the brook stock of this river for years to come. This is a catastrophic impact on all their fine work.
The Province is investigating to see if this is a result of inappropriate application of pesticide or fungicide to crop land adjacent to the stream.
Unfortunately major fish kills appear to be all too common on PEI, dramatically affecting the rivers, their water quality and the animal life within them over and above being a potential health hazard for people.
Trout Unlimited Canada is very concerned about this ongoing situation on PEI and is demanding that the Province, producers, agricultural organizations, wholesalers and the purchasers of these products consider the implication of bad practices and fish kills on their image and the environment.

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