How to Tie a Double Uni Knot

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Double Uni Knot

The Double Uni Knot is just a modification of the Single Uni Knot, and a common knot used by most anglers. It is best used when tying two lines of similar or the same diameter, but can also be used for matching two different size lines. The resulting performance may be diminished, so choosing an Albright Knot in that instance may be a better decision. The Double Uni Knot is most commonly used to tie the main line to a leader, or for tying backing to a main line. Most people consider it easier to use than a Blood Knot, and it’s much more versatile. Here’s how to construct a Double Uni Knot:

1. First, you’ll need the two lines side-by-side in opposing directions with at least 12” between tag ends.  This will create a 12” section of double line.

Step #1

2. Take one of the tag ends and make a large loop back towards the middle of the 12” section and wrap it around the other line.

Step #2

3. Wrap the tag end around the double line and through the loop 5 times. This should look like a small coil with a large loop coming out of it.

Step #3

4. Pull the tag end through the large loop and make the knot tight. Repeat the same process using the end tag of the other line so that you have two identical knots along the 12 inches of double line that you set aside initially. Then pull the long end of each of the lines to make the knots tighten and come together in the middle.

Step #4

5. Simply cut off the excess line, and you have your own Double Uni Knot.

Step #5

It’s important to note that the bigger the difference in diameter between each line that you use in the knot, the weaker the knot will become. Though it can be used for just about anything, the knot works best for lines that are similar in diameter. The lighter the line, increase the number of wraps to ensure its strength. Use common sense and try not to over wrap.  Three wraps are often suffice for heavier lines, but thinner ones need a minimum of five. It’s not suggested to go more than seven wraps when five is often plenty sufficient.

When the Double Uni Knot is complete, it will easily slide through a fishing rod. It is very strong and can hold 70 to 80% of the line weight. Some people actually utilize similar knots in jewelry making because of its strength and versatility. It is easy to use and is a favored approach for many anglers.   Its thin overall diameter helps with many less hang-ups than other similar knots, helping the line flow much easier through the guides. Of course, you don’t want any complications in the middle of a catch, so the fluid nature of the Double Uni Knot makes it one of the top choices. 

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