Daiwa Emblem Pro Series Spinning Reels

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Daiwa Emblem Pro Series Spinning Reels

by Capt. Terry Rand

For all of those surf casting enthusiasts, here's an answer to the long distance casting issue, made by Daiwa at a very fair price.

Daiwa Emblem Pro Series

The Daiwa Emblem Pro is a large capacity reel that is designed for long distance casting like you’d find in the surf casting environment. This is a fairly large spinning reel that is available in two sizes. These reels feature a large, tapered spool for maximum casting ability and high line capacity. They also come equipped with a no-fail, manual bail system to eliminate accidental bail closings.

First Impressions

The Daiwa Emblem Pro is bold reel, appearance wise. It has a very attractive black/chrome finish emblazoned with the new Daiwa logo. It’s pretty big and the tapered spool adds to its bulky look. But, when you pick it up you can feel what a well tuned machine it is. The size does serve a purpose which is accommodating large gears for lots of power. This reel is rated with a maximum drag of just over 35 pounds of drag pressure to stop big fish. It’s no wonder this reel is become a fast favorite of surf casters. The Emblem Pro also has a manual bail system to eliminate any premature bail closings while casting. This is a common problem with surf casters who put a lot of power behind their casts for maximum distance. The manual bail system provides a reliable method that will save you the frustration of lost plugs and baits. The reel handle has a very smooth feel when cranked and the gearing is quite evident while rotating. Daiwa uses four corrosion resistant ball bearings on this model which contributes to the smooth running of the reel. The anti-reverse system is running full time on this reel, with no switch to turn it on and off, which is one less thing to go wrong. The spool of this reel is designed with distance casting in mind. The longer, tapered design allows the line to be wrapped on the spool in larger, smoother coils. When a lure is cast, the line comes off of the spool with much less friction than from a standard spool design. Less friction during the cast translates into more distance. With distance comes the need for high line capacities, which these reels have. The EMP5000a will accommodate 240 yards of 20lb test monofilament while the EMP6000a will hold 230 yards of 30lb test. With spools of this size, the amount of thinner diameter braided lines that can be spooled onto these reels is very adequate. It will be very interesting to see how this reel performs in the field.

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