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Fishing Reel - Buyer's Guide

Finding the correct fishing rod and reel begins with understanding the following: What type of fishing you enjoy (Surf Fishing, Trolling, Bottom Fishing, or Casting), What type of fish your are chasing, and the types of equipment involved. Below you will find a series of articles to help you with this decision and shed some light on technology designed to help you make your time on the water more enjoyable.

Swim Baits - Buyer's Guide

In the world of fishing lures, there are a number of baits out there that were realized many years ago and are still being used today. Some of these lures have remained unchanged in design throughout their history and some others have gone through countless changes. And some lure designs simply fell to the wayside by way of lack of advertising, lack of effectiveness or lack of proper lure development. The swimbait is one of those designs that have, in the past, been subjected to all of the pitfalls described above. That is, until recently.

Circle Hooks - Buyer's Guide

There are a multitude of hook styles to choose from in the fishing retail world. The common “J” style hook is still the most popular hook on the market but the circle hook has dramatically gained great attention in the last ten years. Anglers have discovered that, when used properly, circle hooks greatly increase fish survival when caught and released.

Fillet Knives - Buyer's Guide

Choosing a fillet knife is relatively simple if you are always cleaning the same size fish. Things get trickier when you’re looking for one knife to cover a number of different tasks. The answer is no one knife will do it all. If you’re cleaning a variety of different sized fish then it pays to have multiple knives.

Fishing Line - Buyer's Guide

Fishing sure was a lot simpler when I was a kid. I had a rod, a reel, a two tray tackle box with some hooks and sinkers…and my dog. Oh yeah, my reel usually had a less than full spool of monofilament line on it. And I caught some nice fish, too. Now, I have around thirty rods and reels, all spooled with various types of fishing line. And, every one of those lines, just like the rods and reels that they’re spooled on, all serve a particular purpose.

Wire Fishing Leader - Buyer's Guide

As I was motoring up towards a rip line on top of a reef in Long Island Sound, I noticed dozens of gulls and terns swirling and diving into the choppy water. Baitfish were scattering across the surface like raindrops. Suddenly, the surface of the water erupted as striped bass began to smash the bait sending water flying everywhere.