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Shimano Conventional Reels

The Shimano Conventional Reels are made for Big Game Fishing.  Thanks to the strength in construction and High Efficiency Gearing these Shimano reels will serve you well in a variety of fishing situations. 

Shimano’s cutting edge features make for a Conventional Reel that is faster and smoother than the competition.  Constructed with the care and quality you expect from Shimano these Shimano reels will last.  

Shimano Trinidad
It is all about delivering a fluid confident retrieve while fighting large game fish with the Shimano Trinidad.  From the precision Digital Control to the narrower frame model you will notice a difference in your casting performance.  The narrower frame model allows for faster pickup and less wobble while the Digital Control will maximize distance and maintain control.  The Super Stopper anti-reverse uses a one way stainless steel roller bearing to eliminate handle back-play. 

A favorite of the Shimano line, the Trinidad boasts the A-RB (anti -rust) Bearings and Dartainium Drag washers that Shimano is known for.  Constructed of a Forged Aluminum Frame with Aluminum Spool and Sideplates, the Trinidad is lightweight, durable, smooth and fast.  With an Ergonomic Power Handle and Adjustable Clicker this reel will serve you well in a variety of fishing situations. 
Shimano Tyrnos
The Shimano Tyrnos Reel is the Heavy Duty Fishing Reel of choice for Big Game Fishing from Marlin and Tuna to Kingfish.  With a Die-cast Aluminum Frame the Tyrnos is part of the Shimano Metal Series Line.  An all metal construction keeps moving parts in precise alignment while the Graphite Sideplates give a durable finish.  The Tyrnos reels feature an Oversized Handle Shank to give the angler more power per crank.  The inside of the reel is designed for strength with oversized gears for greater fish moving torque. Offered in high speed gear ratios, the Shimano Tyrnos also features a ratcheting lever drag for quick and easy drag adjustments. A-RB (Anti-Rust) Bearings are specially treated to prevent corrosion and will last longer than traditional stainless steel.  And, the Alternating Twin Pawl Anti-Reverse System delivers the hooksetting power you need to catch the big one.
Shimano TLD Lever Drag Reel
The Shimano TLD Lever Drag Fishing Reels are deceptively small and lightweight.  At first glance you would not think these reels have the power that they do.  A Graphite Frame and Sideplate along with Aluminum Spool make for a lightweight reel that has the durability Shimano is famous for.  The 4 Anti-Rust Ball Bearings make for a reel so smooth it is effortless.  The Barrel Handle Grip fits comfortable in the palm of your hand, allowing the angler to crank in big fish with ease.  The Shimano TLD Lever Drag reels will handle everything from inshore bait fishing to offshore trolling for big game.
Shimano TR
The Shimano TR line of reels are great all around Conventional Reels, perfect for trolling, bait fishing, casting and jigging.  Casting is improved through the Non Disengaging Levelwind System.  During casts the levelwind remains engaged allowing the line to smoothly flow off the spool creating smoother, longer casts.  The TR Reels feature both a Counter Balanced Handle and Three Position Power Grip allowing greater control on retrieve, making it easier to reel in even the biggest fighter.  The Manual Clutch Lever Clicker sounds an audible alarm when a fish is on the line. And since the TR Reels are Shimano they are of the superior quality you expect.
Shimano TLD 2-Speed Conventional Reels

Shimano TLD 2-Speed Conventional Reels are an excellent choice for an all around offshore reel. These lever drag fishing reels feature a two speed transmission for picking up line quickly, like when a fish is running towards the boat. These reels provide both high speed capabilities as well as low speed cranking abilities for muscling in those big game fish. Built in four different sizes with  graphite frames and sideplates for weight reduction and stability, the TLD 2-Speed also boasts a lightweight aluminum spool for faster spool starts. Anti-Rust bearings, a bait clicker and a power handle make these reels an affordable and time tested two speed offshore reel that will last you for years to come.