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Buying and Storing Live Sandworms and Bloodworms
Sandworms and Bloodworms are the ubiquitous bait for a multitude of ocean gamefish. The following refers to harvested worms and not farmed worms. Sandworms “Nereis Succinea” are reddish brown marine worms that can exceed 10” in length when mature. They are free swimming scavengers which feed on algae and other smaller worms. They live in the estuary areas and are harvested in Maine. Sandworms are now farmed and are available at a premium price for those willing to pay the extra money. The consistency in size seems to be better and the shelf life the same. (Continue)

Wire Fishing Leader - Buyer's Guide
As I was motoring up towards a rip line on top of a reef in Long Island Sound, I noticed dozens of gulls and terns swirling and diving into the choppy water. Baitfish were scattering across the surface like raindrops. Suddenly, the surface of the water erupted as striped bass began to smash the bait sending water flying everywhere. (Continue)

Fishing Leader Systems-An Introduction
What is a leader? Why should I use a leader? When should I use a leader? Well, the world of sport fishing is vast and we won’t be able to address every fishing scenario. But, let’s start will some basic salt and freshwater situations to get started. The information you gleam from this article should help you in understanding the concepts and how to apply them in other settings.(Continue)

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Poor Man’s Fish Finders
Many anglers new to our sport (and some not-so-new) have a challenge finding fish, or just knowing if they are working a fishy spot. Angling from a boat rigged with an electronic fish finder, depth, temperature, and GPS coordinates does give the inshore saltwater angler a distinct advantage. Such is the ability to easily move out of unproductive areas, the ability to mark fish beneath the surface and to log in the water temperature, the depth, and even log a global position for later use.(Continue)

Topwater Dogs
Topwater action is probably the most exciting method of fishing with artificial lures. Sure, you’ve thrown the poppers and the chuggers but have you have taken the dog for a walk? Here is a lure that catches nearly any fish that feeds on the water’s surface. Whether its largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, pike, musky, bluefish, striper or schooling tuna, this system works and provides some of the most eye-popping strikes you will ever see.(Continue)

Conventional & Baitcasting Reel Repair & Maintenance
Conventional and baitcasting reel repairs and maintenance are generally best left to the professionals. An assortment of necessary tools, oil, reel grease and some mechanical know-how are required to be successful in completing the needed maintenance. But, there may be times when you just can’t wait for someone else to fix your reel. You may find yourself in a far away location (like on a Fly-in Canadian fishing trip) and you just have to get that reel working again right away. The following information will give you some guidance and some confidence in cracking open that pesky reel and getting her back into fish catching condition. This information will also aid the beginner in learning the ins and outs of spinning reel repair. Most conventional reels work on the same basic gear drive design. There may be some parts variations on some reel models that are not mentioned in these procedures. But, they mostly all work in the same general fashion.(Continue)


Fillet Knives - Buyer's Guide
Choosing a fillet knife is relatively simple if you are always cleaning the same size fish. Things get trickier when you’re looking for one knife to cover a number of different tasks. The answer is no one knife will do it all. If you’re cleaning a variety of different sized fish then it pays to have multiple knives. (Continue)

Swim Baits - Buyer's Guide
In the world of fishing lures, there are a number of baits out there that were realized many years ago and are still being used today. Some of these lures have remained unchanged in design throughout their history and some others have gone through countless changes. And some lure designs simply fell to the wayside by way of lack of advertising, lack of effectiveness or lack of proper lure development. The swimbait is one of those designs that have, in the past, been subjected to all of the pitfalls described above. That is, until recently.(Continue)