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Fishing Hooks

We carry a full line of fish hooks for various saltwater applications. If you need circle hooks, J-hooks, live bait hooks, treble hooks or replacement hooks for your lure selection, you've found the right place. We stock quality saltwater hooks by the industries leading fish hook manufacturers.
Circle Fishing Hooks
Circle hooks are designed with healthy catch and release strategies in mind. A very high percentage of fish captured on circle hooks are hooked in the corner of the mouth making release mortality exceptionally low. Some anglers have a problem with getting used to the fact that this type of hook requires no hook set. In fact, if an angler does try to set the hook, it mostly likely will pop out of the mouth of the fish. When you feel a bite on this type of hook, simply begin reeling in your line and the hook automatically sets itself in the corner of the fish’s mouth.
We carry the following models of Circle Fishing Hooks:
  • Gamakatsu Unrigged Circle Hooks
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  • Eagle Claw Circle Hooks
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    O'Shaughnessy Hooks
    The O’Shaughnessy hook is name strictly because of its design. It is a standard “j” style shaped hook, but has an extremely strong forged bend. These types of hooks are typically stronger, thicker, and less likely to bend. Unlike the Circle Hooks, this type of hook does require a hook set. This type of hook is great for saltwater, bottom fishing use and jigging.
    We carry the following models of O'Shaughnessy Hooks:
  • Eagle Claw Snelled O'Shaughnessy Hooks
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    Kahle Hooks
    The curve of the Kahle hook is designed with live bait in mind. These hooks are typically “softer”, so they bend if hung up on the bottom of a structure, but once a fish is hooked, the hook will hold its shape and not bend.
    We carry the following models of Kahle Hooks:
  • Eagle Claw Unrigged Kahle Hooks
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  • Eagle Claw Snelled Kahle Hooks
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    Baitholder Hooks
    Baitholder hooks are constructed with two tiny barbs on the shank of the hook, which allows you piece of mind that your live bait is going to remain on your hook, as well as keep a lifelike position while in the water.
    We carry the following models of Baitholder Hooks:
  • Eagle Claw Unrigged Baitholder Hooks
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  • Eagle Claw Snelled Baitholder Hooks
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    Treble Hooks
    Treble hooks are typically found attached to an artificial lure. There is a single eye which is merged with three shanks and three barbs which are evenly spaced out 120 degrees.
    We carry the following models of Treble Hooks:
  • Gamakatsu Unrigged Treble Hooks
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  • VMC Unrigged Treble Hooks
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    Octopus Hooks
    Octopus hooks are designed just like an O’Shaughnessy hook and Circle hook, but the eye at the end of the hook is offset. The offset eye is great to use if you Snell your hooks. However the same rules apply depending on which style of hook you purchase. If it is a plain octopus hook, a hook set is required, if it is a circle style octopus hook, no hook set is required.
    We carry the following models of Octopus Hooks:
  • Gamakatsu Unrigged Octopus Hooks
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