Fishing Clothing

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Fishing Clothing

Having the right tackle is one thing…but being prepared for poor weather conditions, sea spray or sun exposure is a necessity for a day on the water. We carry a full array of foul weather gear, bibs, hats, waders and jackets that will keep you comfortable. Being comfortable on the water helps you maintain your focus on fishing which in turn will help you to become a more successful angler.
Fishing Jackets
We offer a selection of fishing jackets that will keep you warm and dry in the worst of fishing conditions. Whether your looking for a light, dry jacket that will keep you protected from the cool breezes of summer mornings and evenings or a dry top that will protect you from fierce sea spray and breaking waves in the surf, we have jackets that will suit your every fishing need.

Aquaskinz Phantom Semi Dry Top

Aquaskinz Nor'Easter Full Zip Up

Aquaskinz Rampage Splash Top

Aquaskinz Raptor Dry Top

Aquaskinz Bayman Pullover

Fishing Waders
Getting soaked by crashing waves while fishing a beach or jetty will often times cut your fishing adventures short when you start getting cold and uncomfortable. Even while fishing in a boat, waders will keep you dry and protected from the wind so you can focus on what is important….fishing. We offer a wide selection of boot foot and sock foot waders for both cool and cold weather conditions.

Fishing Bibs
Made popular by the commercial fishing industry for their ability to keep you dry and for keeping your clothes unspoiled by the smell of bait and fish slime, bibs become a necessity for boating anglers who want to stay warm, dry and relatively free of bringing home that “fishy” smell.

Aquaskinz Albatross Bib

Fishing Hats
We carry everything from baseball hats with manufacturer logos and fish prints to full dry hoods that will keep a surf angler or kayaker dry and warm while in pursuit of your favorite gamefish.

Aquaskinz Dry Hood

Old Harbor Fishing Hats

Old Harbor Fishing Visors

Fishing Footwear

We offer footwear that has been made for and approved by fishermen. Our fishing footwear will stand up to the rigors of saltwater fishing while keeping your feet dry and comfortable. We offer boots, shoes and sandals that are made for wearing on boats and will not scuff or mar fiberglass boat surfaces.

Shimano Evair Fishing Sandals

Shimano Evair Fishing Boots

Fishing Gloves

We offer a variety of fishing gloves to choose from. Everything from waterproof fishing gloves to fillet gloves and sun protection gloves. Here you will find gloves that will protect your hands from rough fish scales and sharp fish teeth and even gloves for cleaning your catch.

Frabill Fillet Gloves

Lindy Fish Handling Glove - Large

Aquaskinz Black Thunder Sports Gloves

Fishing Belts

These fishing belts will let you show off some style while you pursue your favorite sport. Casual enough for a day on the boat and semi-casual enough to show off your colors while dining out. We offer various fishing belts to suit your needs, many emblazoned with your favorite fish species.

Guy Harvey Tuna Belt

Aquaskinz Wading Belt

Aquaskinz Stainless Steel D Ring

Aquaskinz Scale Pouch

Aquaskinz Plastic Swivel Clips

Aquaskinz Bucktail and Tin Holster

Aquaskinz Porkrind Bottle Holder

Aquaskinz Back Support - Large