The Slider Rig

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The Slider Rig

by Garry Brummett

The slider rig (A.K.A. “fish finder”) is an effective way to fish inshore saltwater from shore with a variety of ocean baits that puts you closer in touch with the strike.  

Old-style 3 way rig fishing from shore has been replaced by those in the know with the slider rig.  The original 3 way at best uses a 3 way swivel at the terminal end of the line. The 3 way swivel has three rings to tie into. To one ring of the three way the line is tied.  To the second ring, a leader and your hook are secured.  To the third ring, a snap or dropper loop in affixed to attach the sinker.  Then, once baited, the whole rig is tossed into the drink.  The deficiency with this rig is that once a fish picks up your bait, that fish immediately feels the weight of the sinker. This happens before you generally even feel anything on your end of the line. The weight of the sinker usually prompts the fish to spit out the bait before the angler gets a chance to set the hook.

The slider rig’s biggest advantage over the 3 way is that it allows the fish to pick up your bait and run without having to pull the weight of the sinker you are using.  Because your line runs freely through a guide in the slider rig, the sinker is never tied directly to any part of the line.  And best of all, you feel the action on your line immediately.

Sliders come in a variety of configurations.  Some are black plastic with black snaps. Some are white plastic with silver snaps.  And even others, like the new ones from Sea Striker called ”Quick Slide”  can be put onto the line after tying up due to an innovative twist n’ lock mechanism which allows the line to be inserted when opened, and then secured upon twisting.

To tie on a traditional slider rig you will need:

A snap swivel of your choice, large enough so it will not fit through the line guide in the slider

  1. A slider or fish finder
  2. A sinker of appropriate weight, bank and pyramid style sinkers work well with this application
  3. A hook on a leader, length of your choice; or a ready made snelled bait hook

First, insert your line through the guide in the fish finder.  Then tie the snap swivel to your line.  We like to use the improved clinch knot for this.  Then attach your snelled bait hook to the swivel.  Lastly, attach a sinker to the slider.  If you decide to use a quick-slide, you may skip the very first step, and simply attach the slider above the swivel after tying it on.

You are now ready to bait up and fish it.

This rig works equally well for sandworms, bloodworms, any cut baits (Chunkin’ applications), squid, mummies, butterfish and clams.

So give yourself the advantage of the feel of the strike by replacing old 3 way set ups with slider rigs and improve your hook up rate!


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