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First Harmful Algal Bloom Species Genome Sequenced

Brown Tide Culprit Uniquely Suited to Thrive in Environmentally Impacted Estuaries

Ocean’s “Dead Zones” Expanding; Billfish More Exposed to Capture says The Billfish Foundation

With the New Year comes new challenges to fish in our world’s oceans and one of the major concerns is the expansion of hypoxic zones. That’s the scientific name but more recreational anglers are becoming aware of them as “dead zones.”

'Fog Of Research' Clouds Study Of Oil's Effects In Gulf

The BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico was, in effect, a huge experiment and scientists want to know what that oil may do to the plants and animals that live in the Gulf — from sea grasses to turtles to giant bluefin tuna.

FWC Considers Lifting Jewfish Ban

The last time recreational anglers or commercial fishermen could legally harvest a Goliath grouper, the species was still called a jewfish.

Gulf of Mexico Federal Regulations Update

Sector Allocations, Gag Grouper, Goliath Grouper, Amberjack

Anglers Nationwide Lend Voice To Alaskan Cause

2/24/11 - A united coalition of fishing, hunting and sporting organizations from nearly every U.S. state joined together to ask the federal Environmental Protection Agency to use its authority to protect Bristol Bay, Alaska from the dangers of the proposed Pebble Mine.

Federal Natural Resource Trustees Announce Next Step in BP Deepwater Horizon Spill Gulf Restoration Process

Following spill, Resource Trustees seeking multiple rounds of public input

NJ Governor Signs Historic Free Angler Registry Law

RFA-NJ Says Coastal Anglers Will Fish Free in Garden State Waters in 2011

NOAA Begins National Survey of the Economic Contributions of Saltwater Angling

NOAA will survey recreational fishermen to estimate their annual fishing expenses

Annual Catch Limits: Unnecessary Limits and Limited Catch

Anglers frustrated with unrealistic implementation of Magnuson-Stevens Act