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Insights from Oil Spill Air Pollution Study Have Applications Beyond Gulf

March 10, 2011 - During a special airborne mission to study the air-quality impacts of the BP Deepwater Horizon oil spill last June, NOAA researchers discovered an important new mechanism by which air pollution particles form. Although predicted four years ago, this discovery now confirms the importance of this pollution mechanism and could change the way urban air quality is understood and predicted.

RFA Southeast Members Comment on SAFMC Meetings

Council Votes To Terminate Work on Amendment 21 Catch Share Development

Bonefish to be Designated as Catch and Release in Florida

Florida's top fishery managers agree: Bonefish are too valuable to kill.

NOAA: U.S. 'Turning a Corner' in Ending Overfishing

March 8, 2011 - At a hearing today in front of the Senate Commerce Committee on the Magnuson-Stevens Act, Assistant NOAA Administrator for Fisheries Eric Schwaab said that the U.S. is making good progress toward meeting the mandate to end domestic overfishing.

Senate Subcommittee Meets To Discuss Magnuson

RFA Says Today's Hearing Shows Fishermen Have Much Work Ahead For Reform

Previous Lake Record Shattered as Big Bass is Reeled in This Weekend

3/8/11 - A Fresno fisherman reeled in a verified record-breaker bass yesterday at Santa Margarita Lake.

National Ocean Observing System to See Marine Animal Migration, Adaptation Strategies

Tags attached to sea lions and other marine life will help scientists better understand how animals move with the flow of tides and currents and how those patterns may be affected by climate change.

Judge Leaves Fishermen Floundering On Sea Bass

NOAA Avoids Scrutiny of RFA Legal Challenge Through Slow Judicial Process

NOAA Proposes Measures to Increase Groundfish and Scallop Fishing Opportunities

February 28, 2011 - NOAA today proposed new measures for the 2011 groundfishing year that give fishermen greater opportunity to fish in Northeast waters, assist small vessel owners, and continue important stock rebuilding.

EDF To Host Congressional 'Catch Share' Party In DC

RFA Says Magnuson Reform Is Best Answer to National Anti-Fishing Agenda