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Blackfish and porgy would usually be easy pickings as they will often times not roam very far from the rock walls. They have everything they need right there in the rocks. You can capitalize on this by not having to make long casts or use excessive amounts of weight to present your baits.

Using the proper gear in these situations is a must. You will learn what rod and reel combination will be best for your type of fishing on the jetties. One thing that should never be overlooked when fishing the rocks is safety. Those that have spent time fishing these areas know that one of the most important pieces of gear for traversing the rocks is a quality pair of cleats. Those rocks remain wet most of the season and grow moss and algae which can cause an angler to lose his footing very easily. Not only can you fall into the rolling surf, you can also break an ankle, arm or leg. Another important safety item is a personal flotation device. With the advancement of inflatable PFD’s, there is no longer an excuse of, “it gets in my way” or “it’s too bulky”. You can now wear a PFD around your waist that can be deployed by simply pulling a rip cord.

As you can see, if you have not yet fished the jetties you have been missing out on some great fishing opportunities. Some days the beaches will produce best and other days the jetties will be where the fish are at. But, now you can fish both areas in one outing. If both areas seem absent of bluefish and stripers then you can completely shift gears and go after the blackfish. Either way, this is just one more great piece of information to add to your surf fishing approach. It could turn a poor evening of fishing into one of your most memorable.

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