Choosing A Live Well

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Choosing A Live Well



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0:39 When I purchased this boat, it had an old, original square live well in the back of the boat. I guess it worked okay in it's day. But nowadays we have these great new tanks that are out. The old ones are square. The bunker get in the corner of these tanks; the water doesn't move very well on them.

0:59 This tank here I chose, is a Command Center. It's called a pokey pen. It's 50 gallons. It's situated in the middle of the boat here now. This is very heavy, 50 gallons, 300 pounds. Weight's perfect in the boat now. The rear end isn't sinking. And the water's in a circle motion at all times. It comes in the bottom on an angle. They get their noses right into the current and they get all the oxygen they can get out of the water. Works very well on this application.

1:28 Other boats have oval ones in the back and the stern. They work pretty good but nothing is any better than a circular tank. I mean the water works perfect. You see it's always going in a circle and it overflows out. I have three drains on this thing here which keep it in and out of here. The pump is only 1100, low on amperage which is huge because we're going to run it all day long, probably get about two years out of a  pump. But for what we're going to do here today, we can hold up to 25, 30 bait in here, all day long.

1:58 Another thing about this bait tank the drains which is great. It's got three drains. I got two upper drains and one lower drain. These fish will build up ammonia and a lot of that will settle in the tank so all the impurities go out the bottom of the drain as well as the two upper drains so the water's coming in and going out as fast as possible.

2:16 When my fish tournament's up on the river here when there's less oxygen in the water, I also have the ability to run pure oxygen into this tank. I keep a tank cylinder underneath here and run just straight oxygen, pure oxygen right in there and the fish absolutely love it. Keep bait in here all day long. 

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2:58 Announcer: helping you catch that fish of a lifetime.

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